Working from Home

At the top right of this website is a small menu of useful resources.


Webmail allows you to check your email from home. You need to use your long email address to login-i.e. your usual password.

You can add your school email to your phone if you prefer-go to Add an Account in your settings, and choose Exchange when asked what type of account. Your username will be your full email address, as if you were logging in to webmail, and the password is your usual password. We recommend you don't sync contacts-there's a lot of people in the school address book, and you don't need them!

If you choose not to add your school email to your phone, please remember to check your webmail at least once a school day (i.e. in term time) while the school is closed.

You can also install Microsoft Office for free while you are a student at this school, so you can use Word, PowerPoint and Excel at home. You can install it on up to five computers, Windows or Mac, and it's honestly very easy to do. This guide will walk you through doing this.


Files lets you access files from home, both your personal documents (in the N drive) and Academic (the W drive). Login exactly as if you were logging on to a computer, not with your email address.

Once you have logged into Files, teachers are putting work inside a folder called _STUDENT WORK FOR HOME WORKING that you can see at the end of the list:

There are subfolders in there divided by Year and then Subject, so it should be obvious where you need to go. Your teachers may also email you instructions separately, so do check your email as well.


Teams is a communications and collaboration platform, and something your teachers might have directed you to use in the event of a school closure. Login the same way as you do to your webmail and select the appropriate Team to join in the conversation.

If you are having trouble logging in to Teams, please right-click your browser icon on your taskbar and choose New Incognito Window/New InPrivate Browsing/New Private Window. You may also have more success if you download the desktop version.

To submit work in Teams, click on Assignments at the top of the team and then click + Add Work for the appropriate assignment to upload a file for your teacher.

If your teacher has arranged a video call through Teams, log on at the appropriate time and click the Join Meeting button that will be in the channel.


OneDrive is the online storage attached to your email account, and uses the same login as your email/Teams. While you are working from home, we strongly recommend you back your work up to OneDrive in case your laptop breaks.

Online Resources

Your subjects may also make use of sites like Kerboodle, MathsWatch, Educake etc. You can find the login page for these through Google. If you have forgotten your username or password, email ITHelpdesk from your school account; if you can, please tell us which class you are in as it makes it faster for us to find your account.

IT Support

If you do have any trouble accessing anything whilst working from home, email ITHelpdesk-we'll still be checking our email and working during normal school hours.

If you forget your main school password, please email from another email address--we will have to reset your password for you, so we need a way to let you know what we have reset it to.