Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium leads are Mr Breckles and Miss Grindey.



Pupil Premium is an additional fund allocated to schools to help them raise the attainment of disadvantaged students and close the gap between them and their peers.
The following students attract this funding;
  • Those who have been eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) at any time in the last six years: Ever 6 (£985).
  • Those who are Looked After Children (LAC) and those who have ceased to be looked after by a local authority in England and Wales because of adoption, a special guardianship order, child arrangements order or a residence order (£2,410)
  • The Service Pupil Premium (SPP) is a fund allocated to schools so that they can offer mainly pastoral support during challenging times and to help mitigate the negative impact on service children of family mobility or parental deployment. The following students attract this funding (£320):
  • When one of their parents is serving in the regular armed forces
  • If they have been registered as a "service child" on a school census since 2016
  • If one of their parents died whilst serving in the armed forces and the pupil receives a pension under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme or the War Pensions Scheme
We were allocated a total of £81,220 for the academic year 2022/2023 for students in Y7-Y11 in addition to £19,596 recovery premium funding. We receive this money in four instalments and these funds are in addition to the main school budget (the General Annual Grant).  KGGS ring-fences the funding at the beginning of the academic year so that it is earmarked for specific purposes outlined below.
  1. KGGS ensures that the pupil premium students baseline ability levels are established so that we can fully support their education.
  2. KGGS uses achievement data termly to check whether interventions are working and the progress of this group of students is reported to the Headteacher via our Head of Year internal reports.
The Pupil Premium was used to support a variety of interventions during 2021/2022. For example;

Pastoral Care:
  • Partly subsidises the funding for our School Counsellor and wellbeing team
  • Funding is made available to subsidise the cost of uniform for students
  • A range of schemes are run throughout the year to support the curriculum including subject based workshops, pastoral workshops, theatre visits, residential school visits and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
Curriculum Support:
  • Targeted use of school based and online tutoring for Years 7-11.
  • GCSEPod subscriptions for students in Year 9 to Year 11.
  • All students have access to a maths program on the VLE, an online resource.
  • Online subscriptions for science subjects.
  • Revision guides provided for students studying for GCSE examination subjects.Books and equipment
  • Study skills course for all students
  • Peripatetic music lessons

2022 Student Outcome data

GCSE 2022 Exam Category

KGGS 'Disadvantaged Students' (11)

KGGS 'Non-Disadvantaged Students' (167)

National Figure for Non-Disadvantaged Students*

Progress 8 Score




Attainment 8 Score




% of students achieving a grade 5 or above in English and maths




*The national initiative behind pupil premium funding is to close the gaps between the data in columns 1 and 3 above.

Please peruse our KGGS PP Strategy document for further information.