Press Notice: Y11 GCSE Results August 2019

Friday, 23 August 2019

Record Breaking Year at KGGS!

Three GCSE students hold up their results, smiling, against a backdrop of trees
This is the first year that all GCSE subjects have awarded the new 1 to 9 grades, with a greater focus on end of course examinations, and KGGS is very pleased to report that a record 58% of all grades have been awarded 7 to 9 this year.

Headteacher David Scott praised his Y11 students, commenting: "Our students have worked extremely hard over the past five years and staff and parents have consistently been very supportive. Students results are well deserved and I am particularly pleased that they have coped well with the additional pressures caused by the new style exams, whilst still managing to support each other. The achievements of this Y11 group will be put into context later this year when the Progress 8 scores are announced, but our early indications show that they will set a new school record for the progress they have made since they joined KGGS.

"There were a large number of outstanding individual performances at KGGS with an impressive 49 students achieving grades 7-9 in at least 10 subjects, including 12 students who achieved 12 passes at 7-9. This level of achievement is a great reflection of the range of expertise that is available to KGGS students as they navigate their way through their GCSEs.

"The vast majority of Y11 students are now planning to build on their successes and continue their studies at A Level, and I wish them all the best with their endeavours."

Four GCSE students hold up their results, smiling, against a backdrop of trees