Public Sector Equality Duty

KGGS and the Public sector equality duty (PSED)

There are 3 main elements under the PSED

Eliminate discrimination and other prohibited conduct.
Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and those who don't.
Foster good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those who don't.

How are we doing this at KGGS?

Eliminating discrimination
  • Transparent approach to the use and development of Policies, in particular those related to behaviour, anti-bullying, recruitment and pay.
  • Policies are double checked as part of our review and updating process to ensure our equality duties are met.
  • Staff training  All staff undertake regular training, our most recent training was delivered by:
    Ellie Grady from Inclusive Practice who delivered a full staff training session on inclusivity (
  • Our guidance programme of lessons, assemblies and tutor activities provide the opportunity for students to learn and discuss whilst ensuring ideas and opinions are challenged, in a safe and supportive environment.   
  • Discriminatory behaviour, language and opinions are challenged and logged centrally in school with parents informed. Discrimination against any member of the school community is not tolerated and we adhere to the Equality Act 2010.
  • All decisions are managed with an awareness of our duties under the Act by assessing the impact of any decision or action will have on people with protected characteristics.
Advancing equality of opportunity for all
  • Attainment data showing how pupils with different characteristics are performing is regularly analysed to ensure any areas of concern are quickly identified and addressed.  
  • Recorded incidents of unacceptable behaviour such as homophobic or transphobic bullying are closely tracked and where a need is identified, additional work with students implemented.  
  • Changes in national issues are closely monitored to help the school identify possible issues and address these.   
  • The school has appointed an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lead and link governor to work with different groups of students to ensure equality for any particular groups.  This has recently resulted in the school providing a prayer room for all students to use during the day whilst exploring additions to the PE uniform such as a school hijab that can be worn when playing sport.
Fostering good relations
  • Our guidance, assembly and tutor time lessons/activities ensure opportunities to promote tolerance, friendship, and understanding of a range of religions and cultures.  This is further developed with all students studying RE to GCSE level and having the opportunity to visit different places of worship as part of our curriculum offer.
  • Themes of the week contain awareness days, festivals or important areas for consideration for all six major faiths to promote multiculturalism. The themes also contain community/local days and events, and important national awareness days to ensure students are aware of current affairs and social issues globally. Protected characteristics are linked to relevant themes.
  • An assembly programme designed to address issues of discrimination and equality.
  • Involvement with local communities, for example outreach and food bank donations
  • Celebration of culture day  where any student wishing to share either their culture or religion is able to do so, allowing students to showcase and share their different cultures with each other to promote respect, awareness and celebrate the diversity we have at our school.  

Should you need further details please contact Miss Bird our EDI lead.