Modern Foreign Languages

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Key Stage 3

What makes Languages special in KS3 at KGGS is that all girls have the chance to learn three languages French in Year 7, and French, German and Spanish in Year 8 and Year 9. This means that they can access the culture of three major European countries, have some confidence in getting by wherever those languages are spoken, and have a solid base for further study.

Full details of the KS3 MFL Curriculum (PDF)

Key Stage 4

As a high attaining selective Academy school there is the expectation that all students will follow a language course in KS4. If you have the potential to achieve grade B-A*, you should opt for a GCSE course. GCSE also offers the easiest transition to AS and A2 in French, German and Spanish.

Through our GCSE courses in languages we encourage you to enjoy becoming more and more proficient in at least one European language and in doing so, to recognise the importance of this skill in a multilingual, global society. You can never predict when even a small amount of a particular language may be an asset to you personally or in your future professional life.

You will develop greater awareness and understanding of countries and communities where the language is spoken as well as improve your communication skills in your chosen language. You will also have the opportunity to practise your skills in regular sessions with our French and German Foreign Language Assistants and, if you choose Spanish, with our part-time Spanish teacher, Mrs. Rosa Nelson.

Full details of the KS4 MFL Curriculum (PDF)

Key Stage 5

The Languages Faculty offers AS and A Level courses in French, German and Spanish. Which language you choose, or how many, will depend on your strengths and interest, but the content of the course and our approach to it, is broadly similar across the three languages.

As in GCSE, you will continue to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in that language through a range of topics. These include at AS Level: Media, Popular culture, Lifestyle, Family and relationships. At A2, the topics include the environment (pollution, energy and protecting the planet), the multi-cultural society and contemporary social issues such as wealth and poverty, law and order and the impact of scientific and technological progress.

As a faculty, we are taking increasing advantage of new technologies to access information and practise listening and reading skills through the Internet and all classes have regular access to our own ICT base.

Full details of the KS5 MFL Curriculum (PDF) - Information for 2020

For information on A-Level courses beginning next academic year, please see the Sixth Form Admissions page.