Modern Foreign Languages

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Curriculum Intent and Implementation

Our intention in Modern Foreign Languages is to provide high-quality language learning, which stimulate students' curiosity about current affairs and deepens their understanding of the world - broadening their awareness of countries and cultures. We aim to ensure all students develop the resilience they need to acquire the vocabulary, analytical skill, and grammatical terminology to listen, speak, read, write, and translate in French, Spanish, and German, with confidence. Knowledge that will serve them well in education, employment, and leisure.

Building on their existing knowledge of English and Literacy, in MFL we implement the curriculum by encouraging all students to develop their language skills and cultural awareness regardless of their abilities, or needs. To this end, we select teaching materials and textbooks that will scaffold the learning; and tailor the support required by individuals, such as those who feature on the school's SEND Register. Lessons are structured and connected towards common assessment-for-learning tasks and assessments, to ensure meaningful progression for all.

Review our French Curriculum Map, Spanish Curriculum Map, and German Curriculum Map for a detailed overview of the core knowledge and skills covered in Modern Foreign Languages.

Key Stage 3

What makes Languages special in KS3 at KGGS is that all students have the chance to learn three languages - French in Year 7, and French, German & Spanish in Year 8 and Year 9. This means that they can access the cultures of three major European countries; communicate in countries where these languages are spoken; and acquire a solid base for further study.

Key Stage 4

We encourage all students at KGGS to follow a language course in KS4, so that you become more proficient in one or more European language; and can participate in a multilingual, global society. You can never predict when even a small amount of a particular language may be an asset to you personally or in your future professional life. This has become more relevant than ever in the current economic and political context.
As well as improving your communication skills, you will develop greater awareness and understanding of communities where the language, or languages, you have chosen to study is spoken. You will also have the opportunity to practise your skills in regular sessions with our French, German, and Spanish Foreign Language Assistants.
For more information about the KS4 MFL Courses, please see the KGGS KS4 Options Booklet

Key Stage 5

The Languages Faculty offers A Level courses in French, German and Spanish. Which language you choose, or how many you choose to study, will depend on your strengths and interests, but the content of the course and our approach to delivering it, is broadly similar across the three.
As in GCSE, you will continue to develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in that language through a range of topics. In Year 12, these include family and relationships, technologies, popular music & cinema, and heritage. In Year 13, the topics include contemporary social issues, such as diversity, young people's engagement with politics, law & order, unions & strikes. You will also study a film in Yr12 and a book in Y13, thus gaining a broad knowledge-base.
As a faculty, we are taking increasing advantage of new technologies to access information and practise listening and reading skills via the Internet. All classes have regular access to our own ICT area.
For information on MFL and all A Level courses beginning in September - please see the Sixth Form Admissions page.