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Key Stage 3

In KS3, students aim to improve core skills in recalling knowledge, applying mathematical methods and interpreting and analysing problems. Throughout the three years there is a particular emphasis on students using their mathematical skills in real-life situations. This allows them to see the relevance of mathematics to everyday life.

Students are assessed termly to monitor progress throughout the year. During the summer terms, students are formally tested to inform of overall levels.

Full details of the KS3 Maths Curriculum (PDF)

Key Stage 4

We follow AQA syllabus A 8300 at GCSE.

During the course, students will be given the opportunity to use the school's computer software. For all lessons in mathematics, students are encouraged to have their own scientific calculator, which they will need to be familiar with in the examinations.

The scheme of assessment consists of two tiers, with a range of grades available in each:

  • Foundation: (Lowest) 1 2 3 4 5
  • Higher: 4 5 6 7 8 9 (Highest)

There is no longer any coursework element in GCSE Mathematics; the assessment consists of examinations at the end.

Candidates must enter at one tier only and at KGGS we expect all students to be entered at the Higher Tier. The Higher Tier course is very full and very demanding. It contains all of the Foundation Tier and a significant number of additional topics. Success at the higher grades in GCSE Mathematics requires a high level of commitment to the subject.

Full details of the KS4 Maths Curriculum (PDF)

Key Stage 5


Studying Mathematics at AS and A Level builds on work you will have met at GCSE, but also involves new ideas that some of the greatest minds of the millennium have produced. It will help you solve quite complicated problems using mathematical arguments and logic. You will also use mathematical skills and knowledge to solve problems and come to understand and demonstrate what is meant by "proof" in mathematics.

When studying pure mathematics at AS and A level you will be extending your knowledge of such topics as algebra and trigonometry as well as learning some brand new ideas such as calculus. If you enjoyed the challenge of problem solving at GCSE using such mathematical techniques then you should find the prospect of this course very appealing.

For information on A-Level courses beginning next academic year, please see the Sixth Form Admissions page.

Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics is an AS/A level qualification which both broadens and deepens the mathematics covered in AS/A level Mathematics.

AS level Further Mathematics is designed to be learnt alongside AS level Mathematics in Year 12, or taken up as a new AS subject alongside A2 Mathematics in Year 13.

For information on A level courses beginning September 2020 please see the Sixth Form Admissions page.