KGGS - Black Lives Matter Statement

Friday, 12 June 2020

George Floyd's killing at the hands of police officers has shocked the world and set alight a global wave of grief and anger. Many individuals and organisations have made statements against racism, condemned the brutality, highlighted the situation in the USA and quite rightly declared that Black Lives Matter.
KGGS did not immediately post a statement because we felt this important issue deserved a considered and reflective response. We are not surprised that a number of representatives of our school community have been in touch both directly and indirectly to ask why we have not taken any action. We have heard every one of these voices.
KGGS stands steadfastly against racism. We continue to work towards ensuring that this message is heard loud and clear through what we teach and how we behave.
We have conducted an audit of how we currently ensure this message is promoted to our students and wider school community and are aware that this has prompted our teaching and support staff to review what we do and make any changes to respond to this highly important and topical matter.  We have been reassured at the breadth and depth of content covered already however acknowledge that there is more still to be done.
This is not a matter that can be side-lined or dealt with in a one-off reactive way, it is one which should reflect the core of our decision -making and teaching in the future. We ask all the school community to join us on this learning and improvement journey.