Governing Body

The governing body is the school's accountable body. It is responsible for the conduct of the school and for promoting high standards. The governing body aims to ensure that children are attending a successful school which provides them with a good education and supports their well-being.

The Governors can be contacted through the Clerk to the Governing Body at

The Governors are present at all school events should you wish to speak to someone in person, and are always willing to answer any questions you may have.


The Governing Body is led by the Chair of the Governing Body, supported by the Vice Chair. The four routine committees - Steering, Resource Management, Standards, and Welfare - each have a Chair.

The Governing Body includes a set number of Parent Governors, Teacher Governors and Support Staff Governors.

For full details of the organisation, responsibilities and procedures of the Governing Body, please read the TOR, Code of Practice, Articles of Association & Funding Agreement (PDF).

Current Governors

Governing Body Type of Governor Role Term of Office
Mrs Estelle Conron Community Governor Trust Member, Chair of Governors 05 January 2006 to 03 January 2026
Mr James Fuller Ex Officio Headteacher From 01 September 2019
Mrs Anna Allatt Parent Governor Welfare Committee
25 June 2021 to 24 June 2025
Mrs Karen Ambrose Parent Governor Welfare Committee 29 November 2021 to 28 November 2025
Mr Ian Birchenough Staff Governor Resource Management Committee
01 April 2019 to 31 March 2023
Mrs Jo Blatherwick Parent Governor Vice Chair - Standards Committee 29 November 2021 to 28 November 2025
Mr Nicholas Boddington
Community Governor
Trust Member, Chair of Resource Management Committee
01 January 2016 to 31 December 2023
Mrs Amanda Carter-Blackford
(Resigned 13/07/2022)
Parent Governor Welfare Committee
25 June 2021 to 13 July 2022
Miss Stephanie Curtis Staff Governor Welfare Committee
16 September 2019 to 15 September 2023
Mrs Amanda Dorkes Community Governor Trust Member, Chair of Welfare Committee 01 September 2016 to 31 August 2024
Mr Nick Flanagan Community Governor Vice Chair - Resource Management Committee
01 January 2019 to 31 December 2022
Mr Andrew Gray (Resigned 20/09/2022) Co-opted Governor Resource Management Committee 01 January 2021 to 20 September 2022
Miss Jo Green Parent Governor Trust Member, Chair Standards Committee 01 December 2018 to 30 November 2022
Mrs Caroline Milligan (Resigned 19/9/2022) Parent Governor Standards Committee
25 June 2021 to 19 September 2022
Mr Mark Shardlow
(Resigned 5/9/2022)
Parent Governor Vice Chair - Welfare Committee
27 November 2017 to 26 November 2021
Co-opted Governor 7 December 2021 to 5 September 2022
Miss Carine Soudanne
(Resigned 22/07/2022)
Staff Governor Standards Committee 19 September 2016 to 22 July 2022
Mr Sean Tarver Staff Governor Welfare Committee 19 September 2016 to 18 September 2024
Miss Lily Walker-Parr Co-opted Governor Standards Committee 01 January 2021 to 31 December 2024
Dr Diane Watson Co-opted Governor Trust Member, Vice Chair of Governors 18 October 2011 to 17 October 2023

Governors Resigned in Previous 12 Months

Governing Body Type of Governor Role Term of Office
Mr Darren Bungay Parent Governor Vice Chair of Resource Management Committee 13 March 2017 to 24 June 2021
Mrs Kay Hardiman Parent Governor Standards Committee
27 November 2017 to 05 September 2021
Mr Ian McBain Parent Governor Welfare Committee 13 March 2017 to 24 June 2021
Mrs Melanie Watson Staff Governor Standards Committee 16 September 2018 to 31 August 2021

It is usual for a term of office to be for a period of 4 years. However, in the case of Co-opted and Community Governors, additional terms of office are possible, with the approval of the Full Governing Body.

Declarations of Interest - Governors


Surname Forename Interest Noted Nature of Interest Date Interest Started Date Interest Ceased Membership of Professional Bodies KGGS Staff
Allatt Anna Yes Internal Communications Manager Elavon Merchant Services Jul-21 N/A
Ambrose Karen Yes Harlaxton Primary School - Education - Teacher 01 Sept 05 31 Dec 21
Staff Governor - Harlaxton and Denton Primary Schools Oct - 17 31 Dec 21
Birchenough Ian Yes Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School - Facilities Manager (KGGS Budget Holder) 01-Sep-18 Staff
Boddington Nick Yes HM Land Registry (Land Charges) May-19
Carter-Blackford Amanda Yes Psychotherapist - Amanda Carter Therapy Oct-19 13/07/22
Library & Information Officer, Whatton Prison Nov-21 13/07/22 Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists since March 2018
Blatherwick Joanna Yes Deputy Registrar/Ceremony Officer - Nottingham County Council Jul-15
Chair of Trustees at Long Bennington Cof E Academy Sept 21
Co-opted member of the local Governing Board at Isaac Newton Primary School Sept 20
Husband(Ian Blatherwick) is a partner at Browne Jacobson Lawyers - Legal firm that provides advice to the school
Conron Estelle Yes Bird & Co. Solicitors LLP - Solicitors Practice Partner/Member 01-Jul-99
Curtis Stephanie Yes Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School - Head of PE (KGGS Budget Holder) 2005 Staff
Dorkes Amanda Yes Executive Director BMI The Park Hospital Nottingham 07-Jun-18 MRPharms since 1997
Cousin is a member of teaching staff Sep-16
Flanagan Nick Yes Lloyds Banking Group - Commercial Banking Relationship Director 23-Jan-95
Fuller James Yes Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School-Headteacher (KGGS Budget Holder) 01-Sept-19 Staff
Gray Andrew Yes RAF Commissioned Officer - Defence of the Realm 21-Jan-21
Green Jo Yes Trust Insurance Group Services - Insurance Broker - PA to Group Chairman Apr-13
Grantham Cricket Club - Trustee 05-Jun-18
Employer is a co-director of a company with Paul Ross, who is Chair of Governors at The Kings' School 24-Oct-18
Milligan Caroline Yes Lewis Charlton Group, Education Centre - Online Teacher (working from home) Jul-21 Oct 21 Alive Church, Grantham - Community Projects Co-ordinator (October 2021 - Ongoing)
West Grantham Academy, Grantham, Lincolnshire - ESOL, Teacher, Afghan Refugees Dec-21
Shardlow Mark Yes Charity Trustee - Active Arts (Notts)
Director Mark Shardlow Media (Media Service) - Sole Proprietor Media Production & Training
Soudanne Carine Yes Head of Faculty at Kesteven & Grantham Girls' School (KGGS Budget Holder) Sep-14
Tarver Sean Yes SENCO, Kesteven & Grantham Girls' School Jan-19 Staff
Walker-Parr Lily Yes
Self-Employed Barrister-at-Law Practising at 5RB Chambers, London WC1R 5AH Apr-19 Ongoing
Jan 20 Ongoing Committee Member, Inner Temple Junior Bar Association
Dec 20 Ongoing Committee Member, Inner Temple Bar Liaison Committee
Jul 20 Ongoing Committee Member, 5RB Equality and Diversity Committee
June 17 Ongoing Member, Honourable Society of the Inner Temple
Watson Diane No

Record of Attendance at Governor Meetings (Online and Face to Face) - 2021-2022

Name of Governor Committee Meetings Attended/Out of a Possible* FGB Meetings Attended/Out of a Possible
Mrs E Conron, Chair of Governors 6/8 4/4
Dr D Watson, Vice Chair of Governors 8/8 (& 1 Extra Welfare Committee Meeting) 4/4
Mrs A Dorkes, Chair of Welfare Committee 4/8 2/4
Mr N Boddington, Chair of Resource Management Committee 8/8 2/4
Miss J Green, Chair of Standards Committee 7/8 4/4
Mrs A Allatt 2/4 3/4
Mrs K Ambrose 2/2 1/3
Mr I Birchenough 4/4 3/4
Mrs A Carter-Blackford 4/4 4/4
Miss S Curtis 2/4 3/4
Mr N Flanagan 4/4 3/4
Mr J Fuller 12/14 4/4
Mr A Gray 4/4 4/4
Mrs K Hardiman (Resigned 05.09.2021) 0/0 0/0
Mrs C Milligan 4/4
Mr M Shardlow 1/4 1/4
Miss C Soudanne 4/4 2/4
Mr S Tarver 3/4 2/4
Miss L Walker-Parr 4/4 2/4

*All Governors are requested to attend the meeting of the Resource Management Committee in November to discuss the Annual Report.

Agendas, documents and approved minutes of meetings are available upon request.