Our Projects

Friends of KGGS have been very busy...!

Last year, we celebrated the impressive achievements of our Gymnasts, who represented the school in smart new team leotards funded by Friends of KGGS.


After much fundraising - in the form of raffles and serving refreshments throughout 2018 and 2019 - Friends of KGGS funded new trampettes and gym mats to support the provision for Gymnastics for all students in the school.

In October 2018, we started fundraising with our English and Design & Technology teams:

Led by a parent and two sixth form students, and helped by staff in English and DT, a team of Year Eight Tycoons created their own company, selling their Choco-Surprise product at local markets, and raising funds for a student workroom in English - where students in all key stages can meet with their teachers and English Mentors for extra help, or work in small groups together.

Students in Key Stage Three English also raised a whopping £900 on a Sponsored Spell.


Watch this space to see this area in English transformed...


A good portion of what was raised by Choco-Surprise also helped fund a 3D printer. And the students also chose to donate some of their profit to The Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.

Supported by a Friend of KGGS who works at the University of Oxford, and our STEM Partners at Trent University in Nottingham, colleagues in Computing secured £3,000 from The Royal Society for an exciting Drone project we will run during 2019-2020.