Disrupted Days

In the event of such a day (e.g. a snow day), students should follow the Disrupted Days Procedure (PDF) and attend registration in the listed rooms, not their usual form rooms. We will try to keep to as normal a timetable as possible, staff numbers allowing.

Fortunately days when the local weather conditions are such that it is unsafe for the school to remain open are extremely rare, but we feel that it is wise to let you know our position on this.

On such days all news and advice as it becomes available will be posted on the school website and Twitter feed. We will also inform local radio and TV stations if we are closed, but we appreciate that announcements in the media are not always sufficiently timely for everyone. Hence we feel that our website is the most reliable source of information.

Unless we state otherwise the school will endeavour to remain open so long as the site and immediate local area remains safe.

That stated we fully appreciate that parents must make sensible decisions as to what is appropriate for their daughter. There is often, during times of poor weather, a tremendous variance in conditions across our catchment area. For example in previous years some parents from the north of Grantham have been surprised that the school was closed whilst those in Grantham and to the south fully understood why this needed to take place.

We would not wish for anyone to put themselves, their families or even their vehicles at risk. If you are unsure about the safety of your journey to and from school, then we understand why you may decide to keep your daughter at home. It could be that you can get her into school but then she is unable to return home safely as conditions change throughout the day. Please keep us informed of any such decision. Likewise please contact the school main reception if you need to collect your daughter earlier than usual.

If your daughter uses a school bus service you should be aware that the operating companies for the service buses will sometimes take the decision to pick students up from school earlier than usual to avoid hazardous driving conditions later in the day.

If the school closes early we will always ensure that any students who cannot be collected by parents until their normal time will be able to remain in school and will be supervised until then. We will advise students to contact their parents by phone if possible to inform them of the situation since this tends to be the most effective course of action.

The Use of Treated Footways at School during Adverse Weather

The School has been advised by Lincolnshire County Council Health and Safety that we should inform parents and guardians to only use treated footways at the school sites, when adverse weather conditions are being experienced i.e. ice and snow affected. Parents and guardians should ensure that all unaccompanied children are made aware of this requirement, when conditions dictate. The same message will also be delivered by the school to all pupils.