Curriculum Offer

Veras Hinc Ducere Voces

Our school motto, when translated from Latin reads, From This Place Draw True Inspiration.

Day-to-day, this means we hope that all members of our school community will inspire, challenge, and achieve well as they take part in all that KGGS has to offer.

So, when we talk of the Curriculum at KGGS we do not just mean the subjects taught, but the totality of the experience of our students during their time with us.

KGGS Curriculum Intent

At KGGS, we are ambitious for all our learners. Our curriculum is knowledge-based to inspire our students. It is rich and ambitious to challenge them; and it is engaging and broad to enable them to achieve well.

By offering a curriculum that is in line with the National Curriculum, but which also goes beyond it, we seek to ensure all our learners - regardless of their abilities, talents, and needs - secure the knowledge and cultural capital they need to become global citizens who can exercise choice over their futures; and succeed in life.

Our curriculum at KGGS includes:


  • The Formal Curriculum - a three-year KS3; two-year KS4; and two-year KS5, featuring a wide range of subjects and courses taught in lessons.

  • The Wider Curriculum - including extra-curricular activities and clubs; out-of-lesson learning and support; educational visits; wider reading initiatives; competitions and challenges; sports fixtures; charity work; assemblies; and thoughts for the day.

View a summary of our Formal Curriculum Offer, here.

A summary of the subjects students can study in Years 10/11 and 12/13 can be accessed here.

Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural Education is integral to all aspects of the formal and wider curriculum at KGGS. We seek to ensure our curriculum promotes our school values - compassion, teamwork, respect, integrity, and resilience - to ensure our students develop into responsible young people who take care of others.

Embedded into both our formal and wider curriculum are opportunities to understand and celebrate equality, diversity, and inclusion.

View our Glossary of Curriculum Terms, here.

Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum is coherent and carefully structured. Detailed planning ensures the Core Threads - the knowledge and skills - in each subject and area of the curriculum build and connect as a student progresses through the school. Programmes of Study take students to timely common assessments, and ambitious end-points, careers, and destinations.

The curriculum is implemented by subject-specialists who are passionate about their academic disciplines; and about Teaching and Learning. Lessons are well-sequenced and lesson aims made explicit and clear, to ensure the consolidation, recall, and mastery of core skills and knowledge. In-lesson Assessment-for-Learning Activities enable staff to monitor student progress regularly.

Pedagogy is inclusive at KGGS to ensure all our learners thrive. Monitoring of the progress of all students is rigorous. Intervention for those identified as at risk of underachieving is coordinated; and support is offered to students requiring additional catch-up, encouragement, or guidance.

View summaries of our KGGS 15 Bespoke Strategies for SpLD Students and VESPA at KGGS for examples of how we differentiate the implementation of our curriculum and all support students in becoming independent and resilient learners.


As our aim, ultimately, is to ensure our curriculum results in happy, healthy, and engaged learners who have a life-long love of learning, we review the extent to which we have achieved this by talking regularly to our students and eliciting their feedback.

Quality Assurance of Teaching & Learning is rigorous at KGGS: and classroom practice continually evolved and developed via Career and Professional Development and coaching activities for staff.

We also consult other stakeholders - such as parents and carers - and work closely with our school governors to review the effectiveness of our curriculum offer and its implementation.

Careful reviews of internal assessments, tracking data, external examination results, and National Performance Data tell us that our Curriculum is having a positive impact on the learners in our school community.

And that we are delivering on Equality of Opportunity for different groups of students.