Catering at KGGS

At KGGS we are proud of the outstanding achievements of all our students, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, or in the community. However, we also recognise that an education for life extends beyond exam results, so as part of our ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of our students we have transformed our lunchtime food provision over the past seven years.

We are really proud of the food we serve here at the school: it's home-made, nutritious and delicious! We offer plenty of choice, with a two week menu cycle that rotates three times a year, and makes the most of local and seasonal produce. Fresh vegetables are part of every main meal and fresh fruit is always available.

Our menus were developed in close consultation with the students through School Council meetings, student surveys, and group discussions with classes from each year group. We have carefully balanced the healthy eating choices with food that our pupils enjoy.

The lunchtime provision exceeds the regulations set by The School Food Standards. Dishes have been specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of teenage girls: lunches are high in iron, fibre, vitamins and minerals, and are low in salt, sugar and saturated fat. Most importantly, girls are encouraged to help themselves at the salad bar, which always has a plentiful variety of freshly prepared salads, vegetables and fruit.

The improved uptake of school meals is evidence of our success: the average number of students purchasing a school meal has grown from 294 per day in January 2012 to nearly 800 today. We also have a school shop on site provisioned by the catering department to relieve the pressure on our very busy dining room. On a daily basis over 1000 different girls-more than 80% of our student body-go through our two food outlets, showing the importance of quality and choice. It is also gratifying to see students and staff enjoying a meal together, and developing the sense of school community that we value so highly. In particular, we are delighted that many sixth formers now choose to stay on site and eat a school dinner rather than going out to nearby commercial outlets. Everyone especially appreciates the effort our catering staff put into special lunches throughout the year, including Christmas dinner, Chinese New Year and the summer picnic. These events bring the whole school together in a spirit of friendship and celebration.

The introduction of cashless catering has improved the dinner hall experience for students by significantly reducing queuing times. Parents also appreciate the convenience of topping up accounts on-line, as well as being able to keep close track of what their daughter is purchasing.

Gluten Free

Please feel free to discuss this with Mr Raynor (Catering Manager) at any time as we do have a special menu available; we accept pre-orders for these menus.

As an Outstanding school, we understand that success never stands still. We continually gather feedback from the School Council and now have a well-established herb garden.

On Thursday the 9th July 2015, the KGGS Catering team were awarded the Department for Education School Food Achievement Award by LACA (Lead Association for Catering in Education). This award was given not only for quality, but awarded based on the opinion of the students that use the facility; we still hold this title to this day.

We use only local suppliers for the amazing quality and service they all provide:

  • Brakes for Grocery products
  • Skinners Butchers in Grantham
  • Sandwich King for all our sandwiches
  • Bloomsbury bakery for all our bread
  • Freshdrop for all our fruit and vegetables, delivered daily

We have once again gained our 5 Star hygiene rating from Environmental Health, most recently in September 2019.

If you feel the need to discuss any of your daughter's dietary needs, please feel free to contact Mr Raynor.

Mr Kevin Raynor - Catering Manager

Tel: 01476 541140 (6am-2pm, Mon-Fri)