Right of appeal

Year 7 September applications

If your daughter has achieved the minimum qualifying standard and is not offered a place at KGGS, you will have the right to appeal. Even if your daughter has missed qualifying you may still express a preference for KGGS on your application form.  KGGS would refuse to offer a place on the basis of non-qualification but it is only by expressing a preference that parents have the right to go to independent appeal, as taking the test is not an application for a place at KGGS.

Appeals timetable

National offer day - 1st March 2023
Deadline for appeal to be received - 28th March 2023

Further information on appealing place decision can be accessed via the following link:

In Year admissions - appeals

If it is necessary to refuse a place, then you will be informed of your right of appeal.  Parents can apply online at or call 01522 782030 for a paper form.