Admissions Consultation Open

Thursday, 29 September 2022

Consultation is now open for the Admission Policy for entry in 2024/25. Please click the document link below.

Admissions Policy V9.0 for 2024/25 (Open for Consultation)

The dates of the consultation:

  • 3rd October to 15th November 2022

Who to contact with responses

  • James Fuller - Headteacher
  • Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School, Sandon Road, Grantham, NG31 9AU

What the proposed changes are (if any)

An additional oversubscription criterion has been added to both
Children of staff applies in either or both of the following circumstances:

      a.   Where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time      at which the application for admission to the school is made; and/or

     b.   The member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post at the school for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.

This criterion is after the Pupil premium criterion but before the distance criterion and applies to admissions into Year 7, in year and sixth form.