School Library - AccessIT


To view KGGS ACCESSIT catalogue at home you can find a link on the KGGS website homepage or copy and paste this link into your web browser:

To view the catalogue at school - you will find a link on the KGGS intranet homepage.

Once you have opened the home page ... click on the Guest button in the top right-hand corner.

Click again on the blue button - KGGS students sign in here.

This will either take you straight into your personal library account or it might ask you the first time to enter your long school email and password but make sure you have clicked on the blue button before entering any details.

To go into your personal borrowing details click on your name that should now appear in the top right-hand corner. This will record any loans and issues made through the library (but not books from the Year 8 project boxes).
To search the catalogue from the Home page you simply enter the book title or author or subject in the search box. Pictures of the books will appear and if you click on the book cover you can then reserve a copy or add a book review.

Once we are back in school please use the book reserve facility on the new catalogue and books will be delivered to you via your tutor.

How to download eBooks
We will be adding fiction eBooks for you to download and read at home over coming weeks.

The best way to access these is to click on the Search tab next to the Home tab and then click on Advanced Search.

Use the media search drop down box that pops up on the left hand side to enter eBook option. Click on the search button at the bottom of the pop up box and all the eBook covers will appear.

To read an eBook click on the book cover, then click on borrow ebook then on click to read/listen. (Do not click on the download option).

You will then be taken across to the Wheelers ePlatform where the book will download for you to read. The first time you do this you may well be asked again for your school email and password before entering the ePlatform and accessing the book.

You can only borrow one eBook at any time

You can only keep it for 3 weeks at which point it will be automatically returned.

Please still return books, however, as soon as you have finished reading them to allow others to access.