Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mr James Fuller, Headteacher
Ms Z Anderson, Assistant Headteacher
Mrs T Doig, Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A Knott, Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Macpherson, Assistant Headteacher
Mr P Smith, Assistant Headteacher

Teaching Staff

Miss H Andrewartha, Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs C Bennett, Design & Technology
Mr G Bennett, Joint Head of Faculty - Science
Miss H Bird, Humanities
Miss A Bowler, English
Miss A Brady, Physical Education & Head of Year 8
Mr J Breckles, Science
Mrs B Brewer, Science & Head of Year 13
Mrs K Clayton, Drama
Mrs H Clayton, Drama
Mrs L Collins, Humanities
Mrs C Cooper, Science
Mr L Cowlard, Head of Faculty - Humanities
Mr P Cozens, English
Miss S Curtis, Head of Department - Physical Education
Miss A Day, Humanities & Head of Year 9
Mrs J Denial, Maths
Miss A Drake, Humanities
Miss K Duffy, Joint Head of Faculty, Creative and Expressive Arts
Mrs N Elliker, English
Mrs J Flynn, Modern Foreign Languages
Miss C Garner, English, Drama & Music
Miss V Garrett, Joint Head of Faculty, Creative and Expressive Arts
Miss V Giles, English
Mrs B Gordon, Design & Technology
Miss R Grindey, Humanities
Mrs G Hanks, Maths
Mrs M Hardman, Science
Mrs C Hobbs, Humanities
Mrs S Horton, Science
Mrs G Hymers, Business Studies
Miss E Kampichler, Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs M Kattach, Modern Foreign Languages
Miss J Kedge, Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs A Lines, Head of Faculty - Maths
Mrs R Marshall, Science & Head of Year 10
Mr P Mayfield, Head of Faculty, Enterprise Education
Mr J McCabe, Science
Mrs J McCabe, Art & Design & Head of Year 12
Miss C McCree, Humanities
Mrs H McGrath, Humanities
Miss A McLellan, Maths
Mr P Mears Sagoo, Head of Design & Technology
Mrs L Moncur, Business Studies & Head of Year 7
Mr P Mulrennan, Science
Miss G Newton, Humanities
Mrs C Nicklin, Art & Design & Head of Year 11
Miss L Oldershaw, Science & Maths
Miss A Parkes, English
Mrs J Paul, Head of Faculty - English
Mr P Plant, Art & Design
Mrs C Pourchet, Modern Foreign Languages
Miss S Pratt, Maths
Mrs S Prema, Modern Foreign Languages
Miss L Rand, Physical Education
Mrs L Ringrose, Design & Technology
Mrs V Schinagl, Joint Head of Faculty - Science
Mrs S Scott, Science
Mr L Simpson, English
Mrs R Smith, Joint Head of Faculty - Science
Mr S Smith, Design & Technology
Ms C Soudanne, Head of Faculty - Modern Foreign Languages
Mr J Staff, Maths
Mrs M Sykes, Science
Mr S Tarver, SENCO
Miss B Timmins, Maths & Economics
Mrs R Turnbull, Design & Technology
Miss H Wakerley, Humanities
Mrs D Walker, Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs J Walker, ICT
Mrs A Walsh, Drama & Music & Joint Head of Faculty, Creative and Expressive Arts
Mr B Westgate, Maths

Support Staff

Mrs H Baker, Data Manager
Mrs D Barrett, Reception / Office Manager
Mrs J Barron, Reprographics
Mrs H Bellamy, Music Administrator & School Trips
Mr I Birchenough, Facilities Manager
Mrs J Boneham, Cover Supervisor
Mr D Bowmar, IT Technician
Mrs A Clayton, Cover Supervisor and Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator
Mrs G Cocker, Senior Science Technician
Mrs A Corbould , Science Technician
Mrs A Craig, DT Technician
Mrs K Crawford, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Y Coyle, Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Day, Librarian
Mr M Dovey, IT Network Manager
Mrs L Durrands, Careers Education & Guidance
Miss K Edwards, Exams Manager
Miss L Elkington, Assistant Cook
Miss A Evans, Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Evershed, Admin/Clerk to Governors/Company Secretary
Ms C Goldingay, PA to the Headteacher/DPO
Mrs L Gray, Catering Assistant
Ms D Griffiths, School Counsellor
Mr G Harris, IT Technician
Mrs J Harrison, Bursar
Mrs B Holloway, Pastoral
Mrs F Howarth, Assistant Cook
Mr A Jackson, Caretaker
Ms M Kilgallon, Midday Supervisor/Cleaner
Mrs A Kruppa Beben, Science Technician
Mrs T Lazell, 6th Form Administrator
Mrs L Leeds, Assistant Bursar
Mrs A Maslin, Cover Supervisor
Mrs K Mason, Science Technician
Mr A Metcalf, Caretaker
Mrs T Morris, Finance Assistant
Miss G Pridmore, Cover Supervisor
Miss D Pulfrey, Cleaning Supervisor/Midday Supervisor
Mr K Raynor, Catering Manager
Mrs A Reichelt, Art & DT Technician
Mrs R Scoffield, Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Shaw, Assistant Cook
Mrs T Spencer, Teaching Assistant/Pastoral
Mr B Spurling, Caretaker/DT Technician
Mrs K Spurling, Student Support & Administration Manager
Miss T Stoker, Catering Assistant
Mrs D Szkoda, Assistant Cook
Mr L Thompson, Caretaker
Mrs W Thompson, Housekeeper
Ms A Turner, Attendance Officer/Cover Administrator
Mrs M Watson, Finance Assistant
Ms E Weston, IT Technician/Reprographics
Mrs K Westran, HR/Safeguarding Administrator
Mrs C Wilding, School Shop