School Shop

The School Shop, located just inside the pedestrian entrance, is now part of the School Community and supports the daily needs of the students.

Uniform items can be purchased in store, or tried on for size and ordered online at (also available via the Uniform link at the top of this website). Online orders can be delivered to your home address for a small charge or collected free from our school shop.

In addition to uniform and PE accessories (gum shields and shin pads) we sell useful items such as stationery, hair bobbles/hair grips, tights and birthday cards. We also sell sandwiches, drinks and our snacks such as flapjacks, cookies and cakes are now baked fresh every day by our kitchen staff.


Monday—Friday: 9am-3pm; 3:40pm-4pm (Term Time Only)

Click here for a food price list.

Please note: Due to the size of the school shop, we can only stock a small amount of uniform. The school shop does not accept payment by debit or credit card. Card payments are processed securely for online uniform purchases, available 24 hours each day.