KGGS Exam News 2016

Thursday, 8 September 2016

We have had another excellent year for results at A-level with 100% pass rate at A*/E; Y13 achieved 72% A*/B, which represents our second best ever result, with 37% of all subject passes being awarded at the top 2 grades.

As Headteacher, I was delighted for the students on results day. I feel that it has again been an immensely busy year. Staff and students have worked tremendously hard and parents have been very supportive. Our studentsí results are richly deserved and I am particularly pleased that our Y13 students have achieved the grades they needed to gain access to their desired courses in Higher Education. This is a time to celebrate the efforts and achievements of all of our students.

There were a number of outstanding individual performances at KGGS; an impressive 28 students achieved at least 3 A*/A grades, with Victoria Race, Alice Summerfield and Zhuoran Yue each achieving 5 A*/A grades. Disha Singhania deserves an extra special mention since she was alone in gaining an amazing 5 A* grades.

I was delighted for our Y11 students too, who recorded 58% A*/A grades at GCSE. This is the statistic that the national press use to compare the success levels of selective schools. On this measure KGGS was the best performing grammar school in Lincolnshire. This year 99% of all students achieved at least 5 A*/C passes and 60% achieved at least 5 A*/A passes.

There were a large number of outstanding individual performances at GCSE with an impressive 56 students achieving at least 10 A*/A grades. Special mentions should go to Isabel Leach and Georgia Edge with 12 A* grades and Emma Carrington, Alex Gandee, Zoe Grain, Phoebe Jackson, Jemima Nambo and Lauren Singer who all achieved 11 A* grades.

Whilst the focus in the local and national press is as always on the highest grades, I can again report that early indications show that, on average, at GCSE our students have achieved a half a grade higher than would be expected using national benchmarking. Through the hard work of students and staff, we continue to add value to the academic achievements of KGGS students.

I am particularly pleased to report that our Y11 and Y13 students have achieved their academic success whilst still devoting a great deal of time and energy contributing to their wider school community. It is something that I believe makes KGGS a great place to be. Our younger students continue to be inspired by the academic exploits of the more senior members of the school and I warmly thank them for their efforts.