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Pupil Premium and 6th Form Bursaries

The management of pupil premium monies

application/pdf Pupil Premium Leaflet for Parents - June 2013

Pupil Premium

School receives a Pupil Premium payment for the year in which families are eligible for free school meals and automatically for the following 5 years and we also receive a Premium for daughters of Armed Service Personnel. This money will be invested in your daughter’s education.

How the monies are used

Monies are not allocated directly to students nor tracked against them. Every child’s needs are different. The school maintains an overview of what is taking place and supports students as and when needs arise.

Examples of how the money is used

• Employment of student counsellors• Whole year group support sessions on PSHME topics

• Diagnostic testing of students• School uniform and books• School trips and visits

• Additional tuition when required

• Transport costs

Impact of the Pupil Premium

All students are closely monitored throughout the school in terms of their achievement against set targets which are derived from national data, based on prior attainment and in terms of levels of motivation. The school also monitors the performance of a number of subgroups e.g. English as an acquired language and those who qualify for Free School Meals. All the evidence we have clearly demonstrates that the students in the subgroups achieve at least in line with the main group. In terms of achievement, there is no link between underperformance and disadvantage. The students supported by the Pupil Premium have performed in line with expectations and their peers within the main group. The Pupil Premium has ensured that they have not been disadvantaged. The allocation of monies appears to be fair and effective.

Service Children

Service children are supported in the same way as Pupil Premium Students, although rather than dealing with cases of financial hardship, the fund exists to support the students in other ways. For example, an element of this money supports the work of the school’s trained counsellor to provide help and guidance for students and their parents. The school also provides additional tutoring and ‘catch up’ support for service children when they first arrive. This is in recognition of any potential problems they may experience when adapting to new subject options and/ or examination specifications. Although the numbers of service children is relatively small, the interventions we provide ensure that they experience a smooth transition into the life of the school. The success of these strategies is clearly demonstrated in the fact that they perform in line with expectations in terms of other students of similar ability.

Bursary Funding for 6th Form Students

Bursary Fund 2013 - 2014

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