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Update : 17th March 2011

We have received a further e-mail from our friend Matsumoto-san at Minami High School:

Dear Mr. Burks,

I really cannot find words to thank you. You have been thinking of us and helping us so greatly. It's far from helpless, just the opposite! I printed out your email, and I'll show it to my Headteacher tomorrow. It's such a great help and he will surely be so much moved by your help !

He will be very thrilled that Minami was on BBC! KGGS students are so smart that their way of introducing us will be very smart, too!

Students don't come to school until 30th, when we are going to have a school year end assembly and our Headteacher will speak about the great help and encouragement you've been giving us.

Yesterday we received refugees from the nuclear plant area. Now in Fukushima pref. more than hundred thousand people have become refugees and 170 people arrived at our school. They sleep in the gym all together. Freezing temperature and no water supply and scarce food are problems. We do every effort to get these, though blankets and food are provided by the community. They are not enough.

I'd like them to know that there are very thoughtful and active people overseas, in England, planning donation and one thousand cranes and encouraging us.

But today's main event was the announcement of the students who passed the entrance examination. While doing the primary schoolwork, we thought of something and tried what we thought good for them.

I talked to Yuki about your encouragement and he was so moved and thankful, too!

I hope the best for you, your staff and your students.

With abundant gratitude and best wishes,

Midori Matsumoto


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