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Balloon Race

 Balloons just after launch

On Friday 15th October, as part of their day of centenary celebration; students arranged a charity competition which took to the sky. Over 1000 labelled balloons were released in House Colours and students were keen to see whose travelled the furthest. Anxious not to harm the environment the students chose bio-degradable balloons.

We have received many race cards back, mainly from the Peterborough and Essex area, even from a prison where the race card was found by dog wardens on their rounds of the prison grounds!

The winning balloon, sponsored by Charlotte Day actually travelled overseas to a small town in France,Gif sur Yvette, 30 km southwest of Paris!

The second furthest landed in Folkestone, Kent and the third furthest landed in Deal, Kent.

Prizes have been sent to those who returned the cards from the balloons that travelled the furthest.

We have had lots of fun plotting the places where the balloons have been found on a map, which can be viewed by following the link below:

Balloon race map

 Balloons being launched
 Balloons being launched

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