Into Year 7

The online admissions system is provided for parents and carers who need to apply for a Year 7 place for the upcoming September. The Local Authority prefers parents to apply using the online application system but you can also make a phone application or contact them for a paper form.

Their number is 01522 782030. To apply online, log onto their website at

11+ 2018 Entry

Please telephone the school on (01476) 563017 for further details.

11+ 2019 Entry

11+ Registration Form 2019 Entry (PDF)

Parental Information Leaflet - Admission and Registration Procedure (PDF)
In order to print the leaflet as an A4 booklet, open the file in the latest version of Adobe Reader, go to File > Print, and simply select "Booklet" and press Print.

The selection procedure will be carried out by the schools and not by the Local Authority. The Lincolnshire Grammar Schools will use Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning tests that are specifically produced by G L Assessments (GLA). There will be two tests, both at the beginning of Year 6, and these tests will be administered by KGGS. This, however, does not prevent you from choosing to go to another grammar school in Lincolnshire.

The timetable of proceedings for a September 2018 entry is as follows:

September 2018
Parents will receive The Lincolnshire School Admission Guide 2019 via their daughter’s primary school, giving all the information you need to apply online . If your LA is not Lincolnshire, you must follow the instructions you receive from your own LA.
15th September 2018
Verbal Reasoning 11+ test will take place at KGGS.
Arrive at 9.00am - Test Starts at 9.30am
22nd September 2018
Non-Verbal Reasoning 11+ test will take place at KGGS.
Arrive at 9.00am - Test starts at 9.30am
12th October 2018
Results posted to parents.
15th October 2018
Results emailed to Primary School Heads. If you do not wish your primary school to know these results, you must let us know in writing by Friday 28th September 2018.
31st October 2018
Deadline for return of parental preference form to your LA.
1st March 2019
The LA will send out offers of places based on the preferences submitted on your application form. You will have the opportunity to appeal or to make a new application if you wish. You must decide whether or not to accept the offer of this place by 15th March 2019.
4th March 2019
KGGS will write to confirm the LA offer of a place at this school or, if unsuccessful, to offer to include your daughter on a reserve list.

What Next?

If you wish your daughter to take the 11+ selection tests for entry to this school in September 2019, it is vital that you complete and return the registration form either to us by 29th March 2018 or to your primary school if requested by them to do so. Once you have registered your daughter to take the 11+ tests here at KGGS, the following administrative procedure will take place.

On receipt of your completed 11+ registration form
We will enter your daughter’s details on our database and confirm acknowledgement of this to you by email.
June 2018
Practice papers are made available to local feeder primary schools.
July 2018
We will send emails to parents to remind you about the tests and you should confirm if you wish your daughter to enter.
Please let us know if you change address or primary school, or if you wish to withdraw your daughter from the tests.
Thursday, 12th July 2018
Year 5 Information Evening here at KGGS 6.00pm.