Entry to Year 7 in September 2023

Registration for the 11+ tests for entry in 2023

Update - Timetable of proceedings for a September 2023 entry
7th January 2022 Information about 11+ arrangements sent to Primary Schools for distribution to parents of all Year 5 pupils.
31st March 2022 Registration forms returned to the Grammar Schools (either from parents or the primary schools).
8th September 2022 Primary Schools provide all LA documents to parents.
17th September 2022 First 11+ Test - Verbal Reasoning.
24th September 2022 Second 11+ Test - Non-Verbal Reasoning.
13th October 2022

Results posted to Parents who do not have an email address.
14th October 2022

Results emailed to Parents at midday.
31st October 2022 Closing date for Lincolnshire LA Applications.
(Out of County Closing Dates)
Nottinghamshire LA
Leicestershire LA
1st March 2023 Allocation of places by Local Authorities.
2nd March 2023
(posting date)
Follow up letter from Grammar Schools.

11+ Practice Papers

The 11+ Verbal Reasoning test and Non-Verbal Reasoning test used by Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School are produced by GL Assessment. GL Assessment has made available samples of Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning tests which parents may wish to look at with their daughter to aid familiarisation. These practice papers are free of charge and can be accessed via the following link:-


Please note that we do not use 11+ English or Maths tests so please ignore these sample papers.