We ask parents attending our Parents’ Consultation Evenings to complete a questionnaire so we can ensure we are meeting your high expectations.

We had a pleasing number of responses throughout terms 1, 2 and 3 from parents of students in all the above year groups.

We were pleased that almost all respondents (99.3%) reported that they agreed that KGGS is a good school, and that 100% felt that teaching was good and that staff expected students to work hard and do their best. By far the majority of parents (94.3%) felt that they were kept well informed of their daughter’s progress, and agreed that the school responds well to any concerns raised (95.7%) and encourages the students to become mature and independent (99.3%).

In addition, 98.2% of parents felt that the school treats their daughters fairly and 95.7% that the school responds well to any concerns raised.

The biggest area of disagreement concerns our preparation of students for post-16 and post 18 options. 17% of Y11 parents who completed the questionnaire disagreed that the school provided adequate information and preparation for post-16 choices, and that was also the view regarding post-18 choices for 7.8% of the parents of Y13 students. In the light of these responses, the school’s Leadership Team will continue to review our practice in this area to see where improvements in our provision can be implemented.