Changes to 6/X6 Bus Services

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

From Monday 16th April 2018 Centrebus will making timetable revisions to their 6 and X6 services which some of our students use for travel to and from School, details can be found below & a revised timetable is attached.

The Morning Journeys:

  • X6 Service from Upper Saxondale (via Radcliffe on Trent) will depart at 07:20am (currently departs at 07:30am).
  • X6 Service from Newton will depart at 07:24am (currently departs at 07:34am).
  • X6 Service from Nottingham Road/Balmoral Road (via Bingham) will be retimed to 07:35am (currently departs at 07:41am).
  • 6 Service from Bottesford will remain unchanged and will continue to depart at 07:57am.

The Afternoon Journeys:

  • All X6 and 6 Services will continue to depart ‘The Kings School’ at 15:50pm, ‘Kesteven & Grantham Girls School’ at 16:00pm and into ‘Grantham Bus Station’ for 16:10pm from this date.

6/6X Grantham to Bottesford and Beyond - Mon to Sat (PDF)