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Key Stage 3


The Year 7 programme aims to provide a solid foundation for all students to improve their basic Art and Design skills by developing powers of observation and visual recording through the exploration of a range of processes and techniques.

Year 8 are introduced, amongst other themes, to "Identity", "Architecture", "Pattern & Textures" and "Mechanical Forms" that are then explored through more developed project work.

The Year 9 course allows for a portfolio of work to develop that explores a variety of techniques and investigates the subject within the wider art domain.

Full details of the KS3 Art Curriculum (PDF)


Drama at KS3 aims to develop students' knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre, entwining performance skills with theatre history and the medium of drama as a holistic approach. The course is taught in units of work that cover a variety of themes, issues and theatre history in order to prepare the students in both scripted and devised performance pieces.

Full details of the KS3 Drama Curriculum (PDF)


Music at KS3 is all about solidifying knowledge, developing performance skills, establishing composition skills and learning how to play both in a group and on your own. We have a number of topics that allow students to develop both their own individual style as well as teaching them how to become competent musicians.

Full details of the KS3 Music Curriculum (PDF)


In Year 7 each student receives five lessons per fortnight. In Years 8 and 9, students receive four lessons per fortnight, with each lesson lasting for 60 minutes, this equates to approximately 40 minutes of teaching and learning time.

We also provide extra-curricular opportunities for pupils to partake in sporting activities through the various lunchtime sports clubs and inter-form competitions, as well as competing in local and national sporting events.

Full details of the KS3 PE Curriculum (PDF)

Key Stage 4

Art & Design

This lively and popular subject affords students the opportunity to develop their visual and creative skills through a variety of practical based projects, leading to an end of course moderation in Year 11. Students find the course demanding, but very rewarding and they generally value the inclusion of coursework as an important component of the examination.

Full details of the KS4 Art Curriculum (PDF)

Drama & Theatre Arts

The course is designed to increase students' confidence in personal communication and presentation skills and develop their creative, cognitive and imaginative abilities. Topics covered include the historical context for plays, design elements in theatre presentation and the role of author intent in performance.

Full details of the KS4 Drama Curriculum (PDF)


Music is all around us. It influences our moods and emotions and stimulates and excites us in many ways. Following this new GCSE course will develop your understanding of how music is created through four Areas of Study. These provide focus and detail of specific areas of music. In the course you will learn how to compose and will develop skills in performing and appraising music.

Full details of the KS4 Music Curriculum (PDF)


GCSE PE has two key elements: theory, and practical skills. The course enables candidates to develop an appreciation of the relationship between physical activity and healthy lifestyle through an understanding of and participation in a variety of activities.

Full details of the KS4 PE Curriculum (PDF)

Key Stage 5


As a student following the A Level Art course, you will have the opportunity to develop your creativity and imagination by using a wide variety of media and approaches to the visual arts. You will learn to understand and analyse the art of past and present cultures and relate this knowledge and insight to your own work. You will develop your problem-solving skills and abilities, as well as your ability to work and think independently.

The qualification you will gain is highly regarded by Art Colleges and Universities and one that demonstrates your ability to be critical, to make your own judgements and to express yourself creatively.

Full details of the KS5 Art Curriculum (PDF)


This is a recently adopted course generated to run as an alternative to Art and Design or to work alongside Art to compliment the student's visual studies. The qualification awarded will be within the Art and Design specification, but is an independent endorsed area of study. Those students considering this course will use many skills relating to the main Art and Design Advanced Level course such as composition, problem solving, independent thinking and the use and application of IT technology to enhance the visual process.

Full details of the KS5 Photography Curriculum (PDF)

Theatre Studies & Drama

As a student following the A Level Theatre Studies course, you will develop your knowledge and appreciation of different approaches to theatre pioneered by leading theatre practitioners. You will explore three set plays (both classic and modern), from the perspective of actor and director, discovering the possibilities for translating each text into performance. You will work in groups to prepare two polished performances for presentation; one being of your own original piece of theatre, the other an extract from a published script.

Full details of the KS5 Theatre Studies & Drama Curriculum (PDF)


As a student following the A Level Music course, you will have the opportunity to develop your creativity and imagination in performing, composing and listening.

The course is aimed at those who have previously attained some knowledge in music or aspects relating to it, either through a GCSE qualification or equivalent. Students may also have acquired suitable experience through less formal means as a performer or as an attentive listener.

Full details of the KS5 Music Curriculum (PDF)


As a student following the A Level Physical Education course, you will have the opportunity to develop your passion towards sports and PE through a combination of both practical and theory lessons. The course builds on your experience from Key Stage 4 and GCSE to enhance your knowledge and increase your understanding of the factors that affect performance and participation in physical education.

Full details of the KS5 PE Curriculum (PDF)